O-Supp Asphalt Road Grouting Machine - O-Supp Asphalt Road Grouting Machine



O-Supp Asphalt Road Grouting Machine MATERIAL DESCRIPTION It is professionally designed and produced to melt the crack filler that needs to be poured hot and to apply it at walking speed. The 30 liter crack filler with melter and applicator is a safe and fast way of crack filling. You no longer need to forcibly melt the sealant and transfer the melted crack sealant to a pouring vessel. Simply light the propane burner, remove the RANU-C der pad, toss it in your machine and seal the cracks in no time. Seal cracks at walking speed. Heat and go. The BRAVE 101 allows you to agitate the crack filler while pushing the machine. Comes standard with on-the-go paddle mixer. Thanks to the mixer, you provide stable heating and rapid melting, and you also prevent the drain valve from clogging. BRAVE 101 Parking areas, car parks can also be used. It provides fast and reliable filling and insulation on asphalt and concrete surfaces.