Oat Beta-Glucan is a functional ingredient with high technical benefits and health effects (EFSA claims). The producer of the oat-beta-glucan is a specialist for the production of water soluble, high-standardized (1,3)-(1,4)- oat-beta-glucane ( HarkePlus OatDex). This one uses its own patented production technologies for fractionation of cereal. In order to improve the solubility and flowability from HarkePlus OatDex we add high quality rice maltodextrin. HarkePlus OatDex with a high health benefit: positive influence on the glycemic index substitutes low molecular carbohydrates through high molecular dietary fiber stabilized the blood sugar level lowers cholesterol releases energy in the long term (increase of concentration and persistence) HarkePlus OatDex with a high technological benefit: substitutes conventional thickeners good water binding capacity gives a mild, creamy mouthfeel and a smooth texture food ingredient without any E-number Applications Bakery Beverages Cereals


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