Oat protein is a natural protein concentrate which is a ideal basis for vegetable products. Our HARKEPlus ProtDex has a protein content of about 55% and also contains about 15% valuable oat oil and about 20% oat maltodextrin and rice maltodextrin to improve the solubility and flowability. This combination of natural oat ingredients provides an ideal basis for your pure vegetable protein product. Another quality with 75-80% protein is located in the development and is of particular interest in the areas of endurance sports and weight management. HARKEPlus ProtDex - Product advantages: patented separation technology particularly suitable for vegetarian and vegan diets attractive alternative to conventional sources of protein (eg. as soy protein) rich in essential amino acids extracted from GMO-free oats very low gluten content free from excipients and preservatives Applications Instant drinks Weight management products Bakery Cereals Meat Petfood


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