UV printing on the furniture is a perfect solution, if you want to create unique design and interior. Flat surfaces can be printed with unlimited number and types of motifs. UV printing gives highest quality images (of up to 2160 dpi), vigorous colours and hight resistance to external factors. These cabinets are addressed particularly to offices or archives, but also to other rooms where documents requiring secure storage are kept. Our office cabinets contain perforated profiles to adjust the height of the shelves every 25 or 50 mm. We offer a wide range of options for the interior of the cabinet. We can additionally expand the cabinet’s usable area by using different kinds of extensions, also with shelves. When selecting the door for an extension, the Client can choose a solution that matches a given cabinet. In order to ensure that the entire system is stable, the extension is mounted on the cabinet using screws.

Metal furniture
  • office furniture and seating
  • metal cabinets for filing
  • furniture with uv print

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