Office storage - Modular Storage Wall System



Apex storagewall by Abox is a complete, high specification system, that can be used across a broad range of sectors. When combined with our exemplary service and value for money, this made-to-measure storagewall system is hard to beat. Full height modules and not to ceiling units can be wall backing (ie: against a wall) or room dividing to create walls and divisions with their environment. This storage system is fully de-mountable and can be rebuilt in other areas, or even other buildings Space Efficiency This highly functional system can dramatically increase storage capacity to floor space ratio by up to as much as 50% over conventional freestanding storage products. By utilising the whole floor to ceiling space abox storwall can maximise bulk storage capacity. Typical 2700mm high storagewall can offer as much as 6.75 linear metres of lever arch filing per 0.5 square metre of floor space! ** Ask for a quote **