System structural fire protection OGRAX-KSK-A represents the combined two-layer coating, comprising thermal protection material OGRAX-T, as well as fire protecting thermal expanding weather-resistant material OGRAX-MSK. Features Structural fire protection For structures from R90 and nominal metal thickness less than 5.8 mm Resistance to aggressive media Field of application This material is used to create structural fire protection coating for steel structures aimed at improving their fire resistance under exposed conditions, in damp unheated, humid spaces and closed heated spaces at temperatures from -60°C to +60°C and humidity up to 100%.

Fire protection services
  • Ksk Protection
  • Ograx Structural
  • Ograx Thermal

Product features

Colour Name OGRAX-T / OGRAX-MSK beige / dark grey
Dry residue OGRAX-T / OGRAX-MSK 50±3 % 45±3 %
Dry coating density OGRAX-T / OGRAX-MSK 0,9±0,2 g/cm3 3 / 1,1±0,1 g/cm3 3

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