Thermally expanding fire protection seal is an elastic roll material based on oxidized graphite, cut into strips of various widths and thicknesses. It is made both on an adhesive basis and without it. Features Rolled elastic material based on oxidized graphite and rubber Additional reinforcing layer — calicom Extent of expansion of 2000% (with a thickness of 1 mm) Any material width upon Customer request Tape thickness up to 5 mm Field of application This material is an intumescent sealer for fire doors, firewalls, fire-stop ducts, smoke damper, elevators etc. Fire protection material description OGRAX-L® is a intumescent, flexible material. Manufactured as strips of different widths with or without adhesive backing. The material can be used under exposed conditions. Emits no harmful substances in service, does not form toxic compounds on contact with other substances and under influence of other factors.

Fire protection services
  • Ograx Thicknesses
  • Ograx Graphite
  • Ograx Adhesive

Product features

Thickness from 1 to 4 mm
Maximal width 1,4 m
Length 10,5 m or 15,9 m
Expansion ratio at least 2000 % with thickness of 1mm
Density 1,0±0,2 g/cm3 3

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