FeaturesIntercalated graphite-based Weatherproof one-component materia l Possible pre-installation application Operation without primer is possible Field of application This material is aimed to improve fire resistance of steel structures under exposed conditions, in damp, unheated, humid areas and in closed heated areas at temperatures from -60°C to + 60°C and humidity up to 100%. A flame-retardant thermally expanding material is a dispersed system based on a polymer and mineral fillers in an organic solvent

Fire protection services
  • Flame Retardant
  • Flame Thermally
  • Flame Mineral

Product features

Thinner a mixture of xylene and acetone
Colour white
Expansion ratio at least 1 500 %
Dry residue 70±5%
Dry coating density 1,3±0,2 g/cm3м 3

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