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Fire protection couplings OGRAX-PM prevent the spread of fire throughout the building through the sewer and water supply networks. Designed to block fire through flammable plastic pipes that penetrate walls and ceiling structures.Features High fire resistance (EI) – 180 minutes Expansion coefficient – not less than 2000% Insert thickness Reliable and easy to install lock – “petal” High performance Successful application on the Russian market since 2003 Fire protection material description Fire collar consists of metal housing and intumescent insert. Collar should be firmly mounted to wall or ceiling penetrated by the protected polymeric pipe. Exposed to high temperatures the polymeric pipe burns out, fire protection material swells, thus stopping fire from spreading throughout the building. Emits no harmful substances in service, does not form toxic compounds on contact with other substances and under influence of other

Product information

Collar housing colour
Any colour
Fire-resistance class
EI 180 (at least 3 hours)