The flexible fire-resistant coupling OGRAKS-PMG is a tape collar made of thermally expanding material OGRAKS-L3 on a refractory silica fabric backing, which, if necessary, is fixed with a wire.Application area OGRAKS-PMG flexible fireproof couplings are a means of fire protection of buildings and structures. Prevents the spread of fire and combustion products through walls and ceilings. Designed to ensure fire resistance of intersection points of enclosing building structures (ceilings or partitions made of concrete, brick, etc.) with pipelines made of polymer materials, steel pipes with thermal insulation, electric cables in engineering systems of buildings and structures for various purposes.

Fire protection services
  • Ograx Backing
  • Ograx Refractory
  • Ograx Material

Product features

Thickness, mm 2
Width, mm from 20 to 700
Length, m 10.5
Fire resistance limit El 180 (at least 3 hours)

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