The coating is non-toxic, emits no harmful substances when heated, does not form toxic compounds on contact with other substances and under influence of other factors. It is delivered in metal containers with tight-fitting lids. Features Eco-friendly water-based material Thickness 0.5 mm For rooms with humidity up to 85% Field of application This material is used for fire protection of polyethylene, PVC and rubber sheathed electrical cables in indoor spaces with humidity up to 85% at temperatures from -50°C to +60°C. Fire protection intumescent paste based on water-polymer disperse with functional inorganic and organic fillers. When exposed to fire or heat impact the fire-protection coating swells, forming a foam layer with low conductivity and high resistance to fire. The foam layer isolates the fire source and prevents fire propagation along the cable surface.

Fire protection services
  • Ograx V1
  • fire protection
  • cables

Product features

Thinner water
Colour white
Expansion ratio at least 2000 %
Dry residue 71±5 %
Dry coating density 1,4±0,2 g/cm3 3
Thickness of fire protection coating 0,5 mm
Theoretical consumption 1 kg/m2 2

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