Special heat-expanding paint "OGRAX-VSK". It ensures the creation of a heat-insulating layer on the protected surface. Under the influence of heat, the paint expands and forms a foam that prevents the wood from warming up. The material is a water-dispersion paste created on the basis of a special polymer formula. It is intended for indoor use in rooms with a humidity of no more than 85%. Features Eco-friendly water-based material A large number of compatible primers and enamels Operation in dry rooms Field of application This material is used for fire protection of timber. Material swells when exposed to thermal shock and forms foam which prevents combustion of timber. Fire protection coating OGRAX-V-SK is designed for indoor use at temperatures between -50 °C to +60 °C and a relative humidity up to 85%.

Fire protection services
  • Ograx Vsk
  • Insulating Ograx
  • Ograx-vsk

Product features

Thinner water
Colour white
Expansion ratio at least 2500 %
Dry residue 71±3%
Dry coating density 1,3±0,2 g/cm33

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