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ECONOMIC Bomaksan branded YBF Oil Mist Filter units reduce your installation costs thanks to their easy installation and your duct costs thanks to their special design that can work indoors. COMPACT Bomaksan brand YBF Oil Mist Filter Units occupy less space thanks to their compact design . It is a plug / play device that contains all its accessories. SILENCE Bomaksan brand YBF Oil Mist Filter units operate silently thanks to their special designs. In this way, you can easily use it in the indoor environment of your factory . STURDY AND SEALING Cabinet side and top covers, reinforcement profiles, chassis and carrier legs are all manufactured in suitable sheet thicknesses by combining bolts and nuts to ensure their sealing RECOVERY Bomaksan branded YBF Oil Mist Filter units provide recovery by transferring the waste oil to the recirculation cabin thanks to the siphon in the oil drainage cabinet.

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