Introducing a new and innovative line of oil mist collectors for machine tools. Specifically developed for the elimination of mist, vapour, smoke and odors typical of wet machining operations these mechanical filters (CE marked) can also be employed in mixed application (wet/dry) and for EDM machines. With 5 sizes, ranging from 250 to 2000 m3/h, this line is characterised by a high level of reliability, sophisticated design and compact dimensions nevertheless including the following filtration stages: 1st Stage – Initial Pre-Filtration A special cartridge, composed of 3 different stages (one of them washable) with progressive filtration levels grants a 92% efficiency level. It’s main characteristics are the high capability of accumulating particles and the slow and efficient draining effect. 2nd Stage – Intermediate Centrifugal A special impeller ensures the centrifugel effect that enables the continuous discharge of re-condensed particles. 3rd Stage – Final Filtration.

Dust extraction installations and equipment
  • oil & mist extraction
  • filtration units
  • oil and mist collecter

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