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VpCI 148® Grease Resistant Corrosion Inhibiting Paper | Various Sizes


Cortec VpCI® 148 is a grease and oil resistant paper for the packaging, storage and shipment of sensitive metal items. VpCI 148 combines a grease & oil resistant paper construction with Cortec’s Vapour Phase Corrosion Inhibitors for enhanced protection of your goods during transport and storage. VPCI 148 is resistant to grease, oils and solvent. Unlike other wax coated paper alternatives which can exacerbate existing environmental problems, VPCI 148 contains a bio based organic coating that is fully recyclable and repulpable. Like with all Cortec VpCI papers 148 is made from neutral and natural Kraft paper. A fluorochemical free product. Features & Benefits of VpCI® 148 Oil Resistant Paper Multifunctional, grease, oil & solvent resistance Does not absorb oil or grease onto the paper. It remains captive on the surface of the metal part Unlike traditional wax coated papers VpCI 148 does not create any hazardous waste.

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