The professional for energy saving Our compressors in our Flexi range are first class in energy saving. They save up to 35% of energy costs compared with a standard compressor. The total potential of energy saving compared with a standard compressor comes from three areas: • Approximately 10 percent of savings can be realised by using more efficient motors • Approximately 30 percent can be saved by using electronic controlled frequency of the drive • The biggest potential comes from optimisation of the design, which can be realised by using frequency control. All these possible savings have been realised with our Flexi compressors: The advantages to our customers: • Highly efficient IE3 motors saving energy considerably • Energy saving up to 35% by using frequency control combined with an optimised design of compressor • By using less electricity and lower costs the return of investment is surprisingly short. And the environment will be thankful. • Producing of compressed air...

Product features

Weight 525 kg
Dimensions 1030 x 820 x 1380 cm

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