Oil mist separator AF-30P

Oil mist separator – extraction systems for vapours


Oil mist separators are a must in order to ensure the extraction of oil mist from machine tools. With AOF filters we offer a whole series of extraction systems for effective extraction and filtration. The separator can filter emulsion mist, oil mist, smoke and odours. Oil mist filters can be installed on almost all turning machines– and milling machines and BAZ. In this way you can offer a healthy working environment for you and your employees. Heat and odours are effectively filtered and the emulsion separated from the exhaust air can be reused. The filters of the oil mist separators are equipped with multi-stage filtration. The elements are cleanable and reusable. Harmful emissions, dust and aerosols are removed from the air at almost 100%. Health hazards Oil mist and emulsion mist

Filtering equipment and supplies
  • air filters
  • air-oil separators
  • air cleaning

Product features

Motor 0.75 kW
capacity 29 m³ /min (1,740 m³/h)
Noise level 70 db (A)
Air inlet Ø 200 mm

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