FRIGOMET DP 455 V is an all-purpose product for the machining of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. The product features high performance and low consumption in a broad application area.  Transparent fluid, free of mineral and synthetic oil  Free from boron, bactericide, formaldehyde and silicon  Excellent residue characteristics (especially for flat glass and glass-ceramic applications)  Low misting and excellent foaming characteristics  Easy maintenance by very good tramp oil separation  Very high stability and long sump life  Good washing and wetting behavior ensure clean parts and machines  Good corrosion protection  Excellent skin compatibility

Lubrication equipment and machinery

Product features

Concentration recommended concentration (depending on process and material):4-8%
Foaming characteristics excellent
Material compatibility Grey Cast Iron, Steel , Stainless Steel, Glas
Application range grinding, for glass applications drilling and grinding
Productfeatures Mineral oil-free, Boron-free, Formaldehyde-free, Silicon-free

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