Oil-water-separation / degreasing bath treatment Treatment of oil-water-emulsions for surface treatment (e.g. pre-treatment of metal parts for ed-paint), recovery companies (e.g. for the treatment of alkaline emulsions for part washing), and so on. Separation of emulgated oil particles and recycling of the cleaned liquid into the degreasing bath Concentration of oil-water-emulsions for disposal Cleaning of the oil-water-mixture for indirect lead-in Principle of this process: Aqueous degreasing baths content a tenside combination, alkalines like soda, caustic soda, phosphate, silicate and further complex molecules. The degreasing bath is loosing its efficiency, when to oil content reaches some g / litre. External pollutions also degrease the degreasing efficiency. By ultrafiltration, the oil content can be separated from the degreasing bath and the oil will be collected in the concentrate. The degreasing bath will be dumped into a buffer tank and then pumped in the working tank of the


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