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Bumper Cars Adult


Bertazzon's bumper-cars, have been designed to be operated on apposite steel pavement track surrounded by enclosure bumper profile. AII cars are equipped with inflated rubber bumper all around the perimeter, specially designed to reduce the impact between vehicles and with the guard. These vehicles have a capacity of two passengers each and are equipped with fixed restraint belts. The driving unit consist of Bertazzon house-made patented clutch-less DC motor operating at variable voltage of 60-11O Volt. Low voltage motor is also available for "Floor power pick-up" installations.

Product features

Sitting places 2 Passenger
Engine DC Electric Motor 60-110V (25-50V Floor pick-up)
Driving power 0,8 kW
Lighting 0,3 kW
Token capacity 15 N (3,3 Lbs)
Tyre Pressure 1,8 bar
Total weight 2,2 kN (480 Lbs) Empty

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