The olive tree is the symbol of longevity and beauty in the Mediterranean culture and its health properties had been recognized since very old times. Recent archaeological research on cosmetic products has identified olive oil as the principal make-up ingredient used by the Romans and Cleopatra also. In the cosmetic world the prevention of skin-aging and UV-induced photo-degenerating processes are among the most explored topics. OLEA-HT 10 is a bright yellow powder containing hydroxytyrosol (10% HPLC) extracted from olive fruits (Olea Europaea L.) using the original process. WHAT IT DOES OLEA-HT 10 shows very high antioxidant power and it can be used to prevent skin photo-aging and related diseases. The radical scavenger action of hydroxytyrosol has been proved in several in vitro and in vivo studies (1-4), showing a preventive activity on aging and chronic degenerative skin diseases. OLEA-HT 10 is able to: - counteract wrinkles development and skin hyperpigmentation caused by UV rad

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