Cold pressed olive oil contains about 90 percent unsaturated fat, which is healthy for the heart. He recommends that anyone trying to protect their heart health use olive oil in their salad dressings and sautés. Another reason that olive oil protects the heart is that it contains omega fatty acids. The World's Healthiest Foods website explains that those who use only olive oil instead of any other oils have about a 47 percent lower risk of heart disease. Cholesterol Benefits Having high total cholesterol levels can be dangerous, as cholesterol clogs the arteries and prevents proper blood flow to the heart. There are two different types of cholesterol: HDL cholesterol, known as healthy cholesterol, and LDL cholesterol, known as "bad" cholesterol. The World's Healthiest Foods website states that using cold pressed extra virgin olive oil regularly can reduce total cholesterol and also LDL cholesterol.

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Product Name Olive Oil
Certification ISO, GMP & Halal
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Company Shiv Sales Corporation

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