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On-board weighing system for Monacs loader Verified by Europages badge


The most accurate determination of the weight of the load in order to further dose it, allows a special device - the onboard weighing system Monacs. To date, there are no complete analogues in the world market for such equipment. It combines the system for determining the mass and monitoring the vehicle, and is used to determine the weight of goods in a static and dynamic mode. All information about the reports is stored in memory for a year and even more, even if the special equipment works quite intensively. These scales are suitable for front loaders and forklift counterparts. The principle of operation of the on-board weighing system Monacs With this equipment, it is possible to accurately determine the mass of bulk material using data such as boom angle, system pressure and base angle of the loader itself, when operating at a frequency of up to 500 Hz / sec. The limiting moment of the functioning of this system is calculated using complex algorithms developed by the specialists

Product information

System supply voltage
12-32 V
Power consumption, no more than
System kit weight, no more than
The maximum value of the total weight, no more than
50,000 kg
1-200 kg
Weighing error in dynamics when the vehicle is stopped
± 0.5-1%
Weighing error in dynamics when the vehicle is moving on a flat area ±
Overall error for a loaded machine
± 0.2-1%
Operating temperature range from
-30 to +40 °C
Controller dimensions (case)
220x120x60 mm
Angle sensor size (body)
150x65x40 mm
Tablet PC size