One Dot System, Spray Mark Technology REA JET EDS

One dot marking system for very fine dot and line markings


The REA JET One Dot Systems (EDS) are particularly well suited to very fine dot and line markings. The dot size is configured by selecting the nozzle size and by varying the material pressure, and the stepless setting on the controller. Applications — for quality assurance you can mark products with a dot to be recognized as either good or bad (use automatic camera recognition) — colored line marking for pipes, profiles and endlessly manufactured products (e.g. extruded goods) — applying oils, separating agents, soaps or process water — welded seam marking in the manufacturing of metal profiles — applying fragrances to cosmetic samples

Marking machines
  • coding and marking system
  • line markings
  • welded seam marking

Product features

Media Ink, Flux
Dot 0.8 – 2 mm
Line 0.8 – 2 mm
Nozzle size 0,08 mm - 0,35 mm
Dimensions 30 x 30 x 75 mm
Weight 220 g
Spray distance up to 10 mm
Particular characteristics Electric and pneumatic version

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Product line video - REA JET ST

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