One channel thermopile detector for gas analysis, TO39

Highly sensitive thermopile detector for NDIR gas analysis of CO, CO2 or CH4


Highly sensitive Thermopile detector with TO39 industrial standard housing. To achieve a higher sensitivity of the sensor, we use bismuth-antimony alloys. The sensitive component of the Micro-Hybrid TS detectors is a MEMS-based thin-film system on a silicon substrate. The thermocouples themselves consist of a bismuth-antimony / antimony alloy. The detector achieves a detectivity of up to 7.2 x 108 cm x Hz1 / 2 / W and a sensitivity of up to 295 V / W. Sensor chips with 200 (TS 200) thermocouples with different spectral absorber layers, specially designed for NDIR gas analysis are coordinated. The base module consists of a sensitive component and a thermistor that directly reflects the case temperature. It is hermetically sealed with a cap assembly consisting of a broadband infrared filter and a TO cap with aperture in a defined atmosphere.

  • Thermopile detectors
  • Thermopile sensors
  • infrared sensors

Product features

Sensitivity 100 [V/W]
Operating Temperatur -20 … +70°C
Chanels 1
Housing TO 39

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