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One-Way Clutches

TCJ series, one-way roller clutch, one-way bearing


No need to prepare bearing thanks to built-in a sintered bearing Can be used in high temperature environment up to 140 ° C [Specifications] Clutch element: ・ Lock torque: 0.78N ・ m ・ Shaft diameter : Ø6mm (Tolerance: 0 / -0.03mm) Housing / Outer body: ・ Applicable outer diameter dimensions: more than Ø14mm ・ Applicable width dimensions: more than 8mm [Benefits] ➢ Can be used by press fitting into various shaped housings such as gears, pulleys, levers and cams. ➢ Not necessary to prepare a separate bearing thanks to built-in a sintered bearing ➢ Since the tolerance of the shaft is large, the cost can be reduced. ➢ High torque despite its small size ➢ Can be used in a high temperature environment of 140 ° C. ➢ Can be sold with or without a housing

Printers - computer
  • one-way clutches
  • one-way roller clutches
  • one-way bearings

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One-Way Clutch & Torque Limiter for Copy Machine

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