Custom designed polypropylene packaging solutions for both single use and returnable packaging Our packaging solutions are custom made to fit your needs whether you want to use the container once or you want to return and reuse the container. Our containers are made out of polypropylene making them a lightweight, sturdy option for transporting products. One-Way Packaging One-way packaging is typically used by the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and agri-food industries. They are custom made to meet the highest hygiene requirements, they are corrosion resistant and are suitable to be in contact with food. We offer different options of one-way packaging including trays, cases, and dividers. They are primarily used for transporting vials, tubes, syringes, tops and empty or full pouches. They are specifically designed to meet our clients' strict quality and hygiene requirements. They are also an ideal solution for challenging maritime shipping because of the harsh environments (corrosion...

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