LEAD-2208 is SMD Pick and place machine Manufactured by Shenzhen Leadsmt Technology Co.,Ltd . It can Place all types of leds , such as 2835, 5050,3014,4040,5730,5630, 7070,3030,3535 and Smd resistors and IC ,smd capacitors , such as 1206,0805. LEAD-2208 is an Online pick and place machine . the pcb come to the pick and place machine through smt conveyor machine transfer .after pick and place machine then send to the collection conveyor for check and then feed to the reflow soldering machine for soldering . LEAD-2208 Can work for smd pcb sizes 1200mm * 320mm . Practical Speed for led linear pcb such as straight pcb can work for 40000cph . It is very high speed and high precision with Visual cameras . Compared with traditional pick and place machine , it has many advantages . For more details Please contact me as the following information 1.Skype : Peter.Huang187 2.Wechat : 008613610497541 3.Tel: 008613610497541

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  • smd led pick and place machine
  • led pick and place machine
  • smd placement system

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