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Mobile Ordering seeks to truly help small - medium sized Australian businesses drive more customers to their stores and increase the incidence of repeat purchasing by providing access to mobile app technology that only big business can afford. Looking to buy pizza, hail a cab, log your expenses, or pay for medical bills? No matter what task you're about to do, there is likely to be a software or an app for that. In fact, as businesses begin to realise that people are increasingly reliant on computer software or mobile apps to perform tasks, it has left companies scrambling to build software or apps to share their offering with the world. Developing Custom Software The average MS Word user only uses 10% of its features. This shows how off-the-shelf software, having been designed with a large range of users in mind, will not be exactly what the end-users need. It's not too bad if the software has more features than what users need, but what if—as is the case in most other programs—it

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