Online tool: Automatic price-generator for webshop, price automat for Online Store Pricing What we propose: Easy-to-use webshop price automat for Online Store Pricing that allows you to recalculate efficient prices for each SKU depending on competitor’s prices. What is the formula: The MarketPrice will recalculate all prices for your products using the formula pre-determined for each product, each time the competitor’s prices change, and they change rather often: on different days and at different times and for a random part of the product range. Immediately after the recalculation Getrealprice API will transfer new prices to your ERP system, where the online store prices are being loaded and stored (1C, SAP, Oracle, different versions of light engines for online stores). The more reasonably the formulas are applied, the more often revaluations are carried out and the more effectively sales in the online store will proceed.

Software - business management
  • Internet service
  • price monitoring and surveys

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