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Magnetic car sunshades


Trokot magnetic car sunshades feature several important innovations, which make them more userfriendly than any other car shade brand •Magnetic mounting. The sunshades of the side doors are equipped with several strong magnets, which cling to steel mounts. These mounts are selfadhesive and only have to be mounted in the window opening once. After that, the sunshade can be installed or removed within seconds at any time. Even a child can do it! •Robust rubber coated frame. This gives the Trokot sun shades their luxurious appearance. The frame can easily be bent for optimal fit to the window opening and is childresistent. •Screen mesh made of stretch fabric. Prevents folding. Trokot sunshades protect your passengers against glare and sunlight, while maintaining a good view outside. In addition, they also provide privacy for your passengers. The strong magnets hold the side door screens firmly in place, even while driving with partially opened windows.

Product information

Magnetic mounting of the side door screens
installation and removal within seconds
Tailor-made for your car
Each sunshade completely covers the window