Yarns spun with Open End (Rotor) technology are preferred mainly due to their low cost of production and low pilling properties. Open End Cotton yarns on contrary has rough touch and low breaking strength properties. COUNT (NE)COUNT (NM)COUNT (TEX)END USE 6/110/1100 x 1Weaving 10/118/155,5 x 1Weaving 12/120/149 x 1Weaving 14/124/142 x 1Weaving 16/128/136 x 1Weaving 18/130/133 x 1Knitting/Weaving 20/134/130 x 1Knitting/Weaving 24/140/125 x 1Knitting/Weaving 30/150/120 x 1Knitting/Weaving For more information email:

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