Take full advantage of our open side containers! The openings on the longitudinal sides make the loading and unloading process much easier. In addition, there are numerous possibilities for alternative applications in the realm of events and exhibitions. The expertise of MT Container GmbH helps you find the right open side container for purchase or rent in an uncomplicated and timely manner. What Can Open Side Door Containers Do For You? An open side container also known as side door container is a variant a of standardarized container that can be opened along its longitudinal sides. They have multi-wing openings on the side wall, allowing variable openings of the desired sections. Thanks to the side openings, loading and unloading is particularly comfortable with respect to sea containers, which only have double doors at the front. Due to the large opening, it is also possible to move rather bulky objects that do not fit through the doors of standard units. So, an open side...


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