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Opis Funkyfon cable - A 1920s classic reinterpreted in classic and modern colours


Rotary dial disc telephone in the sinuous style of the 1920s with modern electronic bell The Opis FunkyFon cable unites classical and modern aspects. The electronics inside its sinuous twenties-styled case and the real, rotating dial disc have been made compatible with modern telephone lines. As there aren´t many households with external wall-mounted telephone bell left (the 20s model needed this) an electronic beeper is included and no additional accessories are required to use the phone. Have fun talking! Technical Specifications corded landline phone real rotary dialer at double-speed for maximum compatibility exchangeable rotary dial logo loud electronic beeper (Sound sample) supports tone dialling Package includes Opis FunkyFon landline telephone telephone cable with international RJ11 plug telephone cable adapters for UK, Germany, France Dimensions length: 13 cm width: 23 cm height: 14 cm weight: 0.9 kg