Optical Components - Custom Beamsplitters



Beamsplitter CubesZYGO specializes in providing large format, complex beamsplitters for use in aerospace, defense, and research applications. All beamsplitters are custom made per your design. Our interdisciplinary optics team will work closely with you to ensure manufacturability while still meeting stringent specifications. The ZYGO Advantage Engineering, fabrication, metrology, coating all under one roof Specializing in large beamsplitters, typically 4” to greater than 10” [100 mm to 250 mm] Ability to fabricate and coat a wide variety of materials Custom coating designs Technical Know-How Wedge matching of beamsplitter-compensator pairs to better than 1 arc second Well-established techniques for coating stress compensation Precision assembly, including optical contacting ZYGO Quality Decades of experience providing optics for space-based systems Click to learn more