Optical Profilers Choose the right optical profiler for your surface metrology application Optical Profiler Measurement of Machining Marks Optical Profilers ( profilometers) from ZYGO are white light interferometer systems, offering fast, non-contact, high-precision 3D optical profiling of surface features. All ZYGO optical profilers include proprietary analysis and control software. Choosing the right profilometer system depends on your application's requirements, including precision, speed, automation, configuration flexibility, and vertical range. Model: ZeGage Optical Profiler ZeGage Plus Optical Profiler NewView 8000 Optical Profiler Nexview Optical Profiler Nomad Portable Optical Profiler Configuration: Benchtop Workstation Portable Core Technology: CSI* CSI & PSI* CSI* STR: 3.5 nm 0.15 nm 0.12 nm 0.08 nm 0.12 nm Vert. Scan Speed: ≤ 35 μm/s ≤ 73 μm/s ≤ 96 μm/s ≤ 15 μm/s Max. Step Height: ≤ 20 mm ≤ 95 µm System Zoom: Fixed Automated Fixed Z Stage: Automated Motorized X/Y...

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