Optical distribution cabinet

PON Camel-3

34.49€ HT
FCA Ufa 34.62 EURO


It is applied in private houses during installation of PON networks. The cabinet has 4 slots for placement – removable panel for optical crosses or optical divider cassette type (130x100x25 mm). In addition, the cabinet can accommodate up to 3 ku-1 cassettes for optical fiber welded joints.

Cables & Networks
  • Cabinets and containers
  • PON equipment
  • construction of telecommunication networks

Product features

Overall dimensions 390*450*170
Installation mounting the Cabinet to the support is carried out with a mounting tape. 2 PCs
Material the housing is made of galvanized sheet steel
Specification the number of input trunk VOCs d 10 mm up to 4 PCs
Specification the number of input subscriber VOCs d 6 mm up to 16 PCs

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