Optimum Operational Safety And Intelligent Design



Settling and floating layers are avoided by horizontal and vertical mixing. Before plant construction, coordination takes place with the future plant operator to determine the optimum stirring technology based on the respective substrates. Operational safety is ensured by the closed reaction chamber, the external drive for the agitator and the externally mounted electric drives. Variable dimensions and substrate flexible stirring technology also allow the use of difficult substrates. The wall heating system, externally mounted on the fermenter wall, ensures optimum fermentation conditions and a high gas yield. FAST ASSEMBLY – LESS COST Low installation costs are possible by using the Lipp dual seam system and on site production. If the foundation slab is provided along with assistance during assembly, costs fall still further.

Tanks, metal
  • Lipp Dual
  • Optimum Lipp
  • Seam Tanks

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