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Oral gel with active peptide comlex and "NEOVITIN"



1. Acute and chronic course of inflammatory paradontium diseases (gingivitis, periodontitis). 2. Inflammatory diseases of the oral mucosa (stomatitis, glossitis, cheilitis). 3. As a drug for physiotherapy in the treatment and prevention of diseases of the oral mucosa and paradontium tissues. - Accelerates healing/tissue regeneration of the mucous membrane of the oral cavity and paradontium. - Reduces bleeding, normalizes blood circulation, restores vascular trophism. - Fast anti-inflammatory action with long-term effect. - Helps to relieve swelling. - Increases local immunity. - Increases local immunity.

Oral hygiene
  • Oral gel with active peptide comlex
  • Anti-inflammatory gel
  • swelling relieve gel
  • Oral care

Product features

Volume 4мл

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