Orbital welding controller Tigtronic Basic 4

Welding controller for orbital welding - Tigtronic Basic 4, Orbitec


Same as Basic 3, but additionally with special software only for RBK-heads. Low-cost, compact microprocessor-based Orbital controller for applications with open-frame weld heads, enclosed weld heads, tube-to-tube-sheet weld heads and turn tables. The controller is based on our reliable, tried and tested Tigtronic Orbital controller. Can be used with Tetrix 200/Tetrix 351. — Simple, multilingual operator guidance due to automatic programming of welding parameters: tube outside diameter, wall thickness and weld head code — Real-time monitoring of gas- and water-cooling as well as the welding data — Options for 6-level programming, continuous or in step-mode — Storage of up to 99 welding programmes and up to 400 actual values — Auto ranging input voltage 90–260VAC — ... Optional: — Cool 50 water cooling unit — Upgrade kit AVC Package includes: — Controller — Power cable — Interface cable for controller/power source — USB flash drive, 1GB

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Product features

Dimensions (L x W x H) 340 x 295 x 150mm
Weight 5.5kg
Mains voltage (input) Auto-Range 90 - 260VAC

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Orbital Welding Controllers

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