100% fruit, obtained from organic açaí puree submitted to freezing and freeze-drying according to GMP. Our products could not have a better nutritional profile as it keeps around 99% of their properties. Freeze-drying is a specialized drying process, in which water is eliminated by sublimation, that takes place at low temperature in low-pressure vacuum chambers. Açaí trees are found throughout the Amazonian basin in flooded wetlands. The acai berry is an exotic tiny, purple rainforest fruit commonly used in Brazil because it boosts energy and is considered one of the most nutritious and powerful foods. Known as “Beauty Berry,” açaí has many compounds that make people feel and look better from the inside out. Benefits: * Combats premature aging and heart disease * Helps in the absorption of omega-3, one of the best fruit antioxidants * Prevents health problems Common uses: Juice blends, smoothies and functional food as nutritional supplement and pharmaceutical products.

Fruit, frozen and deep-frozen
  • acai
  • organic acai
  • freeze-dried powders

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