Organic Almond Oil Vegan + Cold-pressed, 100ml

Violet Glass Bottle - Rich in Vitamins for Soft Skin -Pure Natural Cosmetics


Our almond oil is a 100% pure, premium-quality product, grown in organic cultivation. It is gently cold-pressed from select almond kernels to preserve valuable nutrients and vitamins. The oil’s characteristic, slightly sweet aroma indicates that we did not alter its natural state and vouches for the product’s purity. We forego the use of additives, fragrances, and chemicals during and after the extraction process. The precious oil is characterised by its gentleness. Due to this characteristic, it is especially suited for dry, sensitive, and easily irritated skin. The oil integrates well with your existing beauty routine as it naturally hydrates the skin. As all products in our skincare line, the Organic Almond Oil is vegan, skin-compatible, and sustainably sourced from Spain. *In November 2020, our almond oil was once again named the comparison winner in the category almond oil by the independent and objective comparison portal “”.

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