Organic Bath Bombs Set 6 Pieces "divine Moments"

Hand-Made Birthday Gifts for Women-Elegant Present for Her with Essential Oils


Transform your bath into an oasis of relaxation with the organic bath praline set “Divine Moments” Our unique, vegan, organic bath pralines combine invigorating, natural aromas with a deep nourishment for you skin and transform an ordinary bath into a real wellness experience for all your senses. Every bath bomb has an seductive, individualized scent derived from real flower petals, botanical extracts, and essential oils. All pralines are handmade with love in Europe, making each one a unique piece and ensuring outstanding quality as well as premium processing at the same time. This 6-piece bath bomb set contains pralines of the following aromas Mallow Blossom, Lemongrass, Orange Cinnamon, Rosebud, Strawberry Fig, and Peach.

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