Organic Bath Bombs Set 7 Pieces "oasis Of Senses"

Hand-Made Gifts for Women- Elegant Present for Her with Essential Oils -Gift Set


Transform your bath into an oasis of relaxation with the organic bath praline set “Oasis of Senses” Our unique, vegan, organic bath pralines combine invigorating, natural aromas with a deep nourishment for you skin and transform an ordinary bath into a real wellness experience for all your senses. Every bath bomb has a seductive, individualized scent derived from real flower petals, botanical extracts, and essential oils. All pralines are handmade with love in Europe, making each one a unique piece and ensuring outstanding quality as well as premium processing at the same time. This 7-piece bath bomb set contains pralines of the following aromas Mallow Blossom, Orange Cinnamon, Black Rose, Strawberry Fig, Chocolate, and Lime Macadamia.

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