Our organic coffee bean oil made of roasted coffee beans is light to dark brown with a characteristic coffee aroma. In contrast to coffee bean oil out of green coffee beans, our oil is not toxic. Coffee bean oil is a real culinary highlight. Pimp chocolates, ice cream, tarts, or other sweets and baked goods and take your customers on a culinary journey to the exotic home of coffee. The caffeine from the coffee is supposed to stimulate the blood circulation and thus tighten the skin. These properties make our coffee bean oil a great ingredient for anti-cellulite care in body repairs and facial creams or masks. Especially in hair care, the hair root strengthening and stimulating properties of coffee bean oil are advertised. Often it is therefore used for products that are specifically aimed at men. Due to the caffeine content, the coffee bean oil is suitable for eye care. This oil gives creams and soaps aromatic properties and can be used in body care, soaps, body and massage oils.

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  • cosmetic oils
  • Skin-care products