Good day, this is Sara Perez from Allmart GmbH, Switzerland. We are a trading company for natural green organic products from all over the world. Because of the yearly growing amount of costumers with the will to buy organic food and cosmetics we are happy to offer you : PURE ORGANIC HONEY: -Light Amber (L.A. Honey 51-85mm), ORIGIN BRAZIL, Max. Moisture:18,5%, Polyfloral, Q1 We have all the known Eco and Quality Certifications for our honey. We are happy to offer you organic honey with the origin Brazil -wich is worldwide known as the most healthy honey in the world! We stand in very close family connection with our supplier that’s why we can offer the best price for this quality in Europe, Asia and Middle East. We can deliver immediately! If you wan't to know more about our prices per Kg or container (20 tons) watch the attached file. If you would like to order free honey sample- don't hesitate to contact us.

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