Organic Hoses


We offer a special range of hoses, for resistance to organic acid based coolants, which contain sebacate or 2 ethylhexaoic acid. These extended life anti freeze coolants which are extremely corrosive in nature, require hoses of specially designed materials. Using normal blue coolant hoses of the standard material for these coolants, will result in pre mature failures. Typically, amber, orange or red in color doneExcellent high temperature aluminum protection doneBased on neutralized organic acids and azoles More information NOT SUITABE FOR non polar liquids such as hydrocarbons, mineral oils and greases. Strongly attacked by concentrated acids and alkalis, particularly by oxidizing acids such as sulfuric or nitric acid. Also, Silicone Rubber is not suitable coolants containing high concentration of ethyl hexanoic acids and sebacate, or coolants with very high pH levels. Industry use Organic hoses designed for use in automotive, light duty and heavy duty diesel applications

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