The unmistakable scent paired with the wonderful properties described above make organic lavender oil a great addition to cosmetics. Perfumers love the aroma for eau de colognes. Soaps, shampoos, aftershave, bath additives ... they all smell and gently nourish with lavender oil. Due to its alleged anti-inflammatory effect, organic lavender oil is also a more common ingredient in anti-acne products. The soothing effect on the skin is also used in after-sun products. The food industry uses the organic lavender oil as a flavoring agent. In aromatherapy, the lavender oil is said to fight anxiety, reduce insomnia and stress and reduce irritability. The sweet scent of organic lavender oil is said to calm you down and strengthen your nerves again. Organic lavender oil is a mobile, colourless to light yellow coloured liquid. It has a characteristic, fresh and bloomy scent and is obtained by water steam distillation of the fresh blossoms of real lavender (Lavandula angustifolia).

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