All our Dates come from the Tunisian Desert, Deglet Noor category means 'Shining Dates' or "Dates of the Light. We'll always provide our clients with 100% Tunisian, High Quality Dates. NUTRITIONAL VALUE Calorie 306g Carbohydrates73g Water 20 g Protein 2.2 g Lipids 0.2 g Fiber 2.2 g VITAMINS Vitamin B10.09mg Vitamin B20.05mg Vitamin PP2.20mg Carotenes 0.06mg

Dried fruits
  • Pitted Dates
  • dates
  • packaged dates

Product features

Product Name Organic Pitted Dates
Category Organic Dates
Type Pitted
Cultivation Type Organic
Max. Moisture (%) 22
Shelf Life 2 Years
Place Origin Tunisia

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