It is obtained by cold or hot pressing of the rosehip seeds. That is why it is also called organic rosehip seed oil. Subsequently the oil is filtered and refined. Organic rosehip oil (organic rosehip seed oil) is a yellow to a red oil, with sweet and sour, nutty-fruity odor and characteristic flavor. We produce organic rosehip seed oil ourselves and use the process of cold pressing. That means it is not heated during the process. Because of the hard rosehip seeds, a considerable rise in temperature on the press head occurs. The organic rosehip seed oil, however, is not affected by this, since this already exits through the so-called strainer. That is why we can provide our organic rosehip seed oil with the attribute CP = cold pressed.

Vegetable oils
  • Organic vegetable oils
  • cosmetic vegetable oils
  • cold pressing
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